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Update and a New Semester

August 29, 2011

I’ve been gone from blogging for a while. My summer was busier than I expected — internship and a project at GMU. Good times!

I now have a backlog of posts I banged out over the summer; I need to get those up.

School starts again tomorrow. I have a goal this semester of reading at least 5 non-class-related papers each week — ideally 7 (one a day!) but we’ll see how the semester goes. Hopefully my new Kindle will make this easier — thanks Mom and Dad! Ideally I’ll post notes on each paper as I read them; this way I can record some thoughts somewhere and hold myself to it.

Papers each week should fill out some or one of these categories:
1. Recommended reading from Rob.
2. Reading of “people whose work I’m interested in.”
3. GMU project reading.
4. “Current Journals/Literature.”
a. Current Journals
b. Current literature “in my field” — ABM-related.
5. My own projects.

1. and 4. roughly correspond to “Classics and current literature,” which I think is the job of every grad student to learn.

Roughly this is:

  • Learning the “field right now.”
  • “Learning the historical literature.”
  • GMU project reading.
  • “Keeping up with the current literature and research.”


Reading this week:
1. Bullard, Duffy (1998), JEDC : A model of learning and emulation with artificial adaptive agents
2. Howitt, Ozak, (2009), WP: Adaptive Consumption Behavior (18pp)
3. Marimon, McGratten, Sargent (1990), JEDC: Money as a medium of exchange in an economy with artificially intelligent agents (38-78pp — lotta plots)
4. Farmer, Geanakoplos (2009), WP: Hyperbolic discounting is rational: Valuing the far future with uncertain discount rates (18pp)
5. Seppecher (2011, forthcoming), MD: Flexibility of wages and macroeconomic instability in an agent-based computational model with endogenous money.
6. Bonus if time: Nourry, Venditti (2010), MD: Endogenous business cycles in OLG economies with multiple consumption goods
7. Bonus if time: Farmer, Lo (1999), Proc. of Nat. Acc. Science: Frontiers of finance: Evolution and efficient markets.

I’ll update as I read this week.

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