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Grad Student Pep Talk

August 29, 2011

I heard a great “pep talk” at the department meeting this last week about “how to succeed as a grad student.” I’ve heard a bit of it before here and there, but I think I’m going to particularly try to achieve a lot of these this semester.

Highlights included:
– “Read a paper a day!”
– “Keep track of your papers with an online bibliography!”
– “Use versioning for everything!”
– “Write everyday!”

My “five papers external-to-project-or-classes” goal this semester is the first above. I think I’ll use Mendeley for the second, along with this blog. I’ve been hearing great things about Git for a while now; I’ll aim to learn that with my class projects for the third. The fourth is more for students in the dissertations phase, I think, but I’ll try to employ it as I get classwork done.

Updates as I go!

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